Photo of Carl Campbell Nicolson, December 26th, 1908 – June 14th, 1965

Carl Campbell Nicolson, December 26th, 1908 – June 14th, 1965

On Sunday, June 13th, 1965 (June 14th in Sydney), I was preparing to teach Vacation Bible School in Loma, Montana, when my friend Dave Dixon drove in from Big Sandy to tell me there was an emergency phone call for me from Australia.

After the overseas operator connected me, my brother Brian broke the news that our dad, Carl C. Nicolson, had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was with the Lord.

This 21-year-old college-student Aussie was not exactly flush with cash, so attending Dad’s memorial service in Sydney was sadly out of the question. However, comfort and hope from God, family, and friends saw me through those days; and ever since, I have rejoiced in and drawn from our mother and father’s heritage of faithfulness.

For example, I constantly draw inspiration from a poem Dad wrote to me in 1963 shortly before I sailed from home to North America:

Go, then, my son.
And may God give you to taste deeply
Of His matchless love and grace.
And in that glorious work
On Calvary’s cross begun,
May you for Him secure an honored place.

It may not always be the garden of the LORD,
Not every tree a glorious fruit will bear.
But just remember, ‘neath the barren soil
There are the roots
Which, by the power of prayer,
Will spring to life and glorify our God.

— Carl C. Nicolson, 1908 – 1965

What about you? As we look to Father’s Day celebrations this month here in the USA, how are you thankful for your dad? Share with us in the comments if you like.


An ex-patriate Australian living full-throttle in Big Sky Country until he “lays rubber all the way into Heaven!”

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7 Responses to June 13th Memory

  1. How honoured I am to be named after Carl Campbell Nicolson. I’ve always loved this picture of him that you took when you were “boiling the Billy” together as father and son.

  2. Steve Baliko says:

    That 50 year old poem feels as fresh as the day it was penned. What a gift to you, what a gift for sharing the poem as well as your life with us Grahame! There are ways that only a father can bless his son, this is one of the most wonderful ones I can imagine. I will cherish these words and hope to pass on ones just as profound to my daughter and son. Blessings!

  3. Todd J Pocock says:

    Wow! What eloquence in words and riddled with truth, as though right from the Word of God. That surely welled the water up in these old eyes,….but, being the man that I am,…I kept them from spilling over to my face,….wouldn’t want anybody to see the emotions,…..

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